Product Detiles

●  Introduction:

This machine cans automatic tow the absorbent sponge – cut on request – vacuum transmittal –compound the absorbent sponge and the back-liner (Rolling-up the defend mucosity paper of back-liner ) – fold edge for defend mucosity paper – compound the defend mucosity paper and the back-liner – die cut – output and so on. The whole working procedure adopt PLC and service power to drive, capability stabilization.


●  Main Features and Functions:

Machine adopts blocking design, the workstation can depend on the request to change or add other function module.

Operate area, electronic area and frame drive area close off. Especially of operate area adopts balcony design, easy to operate, maintenance and clean.

Absorbent sponge cut on request, can adjust length, rolling cutter is scientific and credibility, vacuum hub remit, position nicety.

Defend mucosity paper fold edge and compound, frame simply, easy to control.

Figuration adopts die cut with to-and-fro frame, pledge dressing product look nice, no fuzz edge. It also can die cut any size of round corner.

For different size of dressing, just need to change the die cut, adjust the parameter will be realize.

●  Main Technical Specifications:

Capacity: 30-80 pcs/min

Specification of Dressing: Length≤300mm, Width≤160mm


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