Production line solutions

●  First Step: Customers only need to provide us with the products they want to produce (pictures, samples)

We will design the most suitable production line for customers according to their needs (output, production workshop scale).

1. The highest economic benefit.

2. Maximize the use of space and resources to minimize costs

3. Simplify the workflow and effectively reduce the delivery.

●  The company's current mature production line designs include:

1. Production line for gauze weaving, bleaching and gauze sheets and gauze rolls

2. Towel and bath towel production line

3. Denim, home textile and industrial fabric production lines

4.Chemical fiber cloth production line

5.Glass fiber cloth production line

●  The second step:Our professional advice to clients

1. The equipment needed for the production line.

2. Equipment configuration.

3. According to the expected output of the customer, calculate the quantity of the machine.

4. According to the size of the customer's workshop, reasonably plan the arrangement of the machines.

5. Provide customers with professional drawings. (CAD and PDF formats)

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