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terry towel air jet loom with dobby shedding weaving machine


new model air jet loom,to make terry towel and terry bath

High strength rack

Super starter motor and variable speed weaving

Reed type electronic loop(pile making)

User-friendly interface

Precise control system

Product Description

JLH9200M terry towel air jet loom is independently developed by Qingdao Jinlihua Textile Machinery Co., Ltd., which is designed with energy saving, low consumption, high speed and high efficiency and wide variety adaptability. This model borrows the platform of JLH9200 and uses computer-aided design to focus on the development and design of the hair transfer device and the tilting electronic lifting mechanism. It can weave high and low wool, sawtooth wool, wave wool and embossed wool. 3-7 weft automatic control of fluffing and conversion functions, greatly improving the flexibility of towel design. It is excellent in high-speed adaptability and variety adaptability, and is one of the best performance devices on the market.