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JLH9100 Cost effective air jet loom


Advantage :low cost,low investment

Weaving range:medical gauze,mid-density fabric,multi-layer fabric


Product Description

Advantage :low cost,low investment

Weaving range:mid-low density cotton fabric,polyster fabric

Respective fabric:100% cotton  60s x 60s  90x88(warp x weft density/inch) (fabric width:178cm)Rayon 45s x 45s 100x80  178cm

Standard configuration:Electronic let off and take up,plain shedding,double nozzle electronic feeder

Optional width:190 210 230 280 330 340 360

Suitable raw material:combed yarn 7s-80s,carding yarn,polyster yarn

Respective machine:

Reed width:190cm


Electronic feeder:2 nozzle

Single warp beam

Electronic let off and take up ELO& ETU


Air consumption:0.7---0.8(different fabric,different air consumption)

R.P.M 650-700


Delivery time:40 days after confirm order

Shipment:6sets per 40 HQ container