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medical gauze bleaching machine


We supply the medical gauze bleaching line.

From Gauze winder,overturn machine,bleaching machine,dewatering machine to drying machine

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Product Description

PD-120 series High speed gauze winder

The purpose and composition of the product:

The winder is suitable for the winding of medical gauze fabrics. Before boiling and bleaching, the small rolled fabrics are winded into large rolled which is suitable for bleaching, thus entering the next bleaching process.

The equipment is composed of storage tank, tension guide frame, edge suction device, coiling device, coiling A frame and electrical control unit.

                              High speed gauze winder technical configuration

1.Edge absorber: photoelectric edge absorber

2.Main engine speed regulation: frequency converter speed regulation, equipped with winding speed meter.

3.Measurement of winding length: HHM2-H display with Xinling GK-2 bidirectional Hall proximity switch.

4.Control button: adopt Suzhou Siemens series buttons.

FM series hydraulic turning device

The purpose and composition of the product

The winder is used to roll the winder into a large coil of gauze (horizontal direction) and turn it 90 degrees, so that it can be hoisted into the bleaching machine for bleaching process.

The equipment is composed of frame, cylinder, hydraulic station and electrical control



GR-186 series High temperature bleaching machine


1.water pump:centrifugal pump,ZaixiangKonpro Taiwan

2.electrical components:Shilin Taiwan,button is Siemens secondary factory

3.computer:HG-8000 Huagao

4.Solenoid valve:Jiaerling

5.motor of main pump:Wannan


7.liquid level control of main cylinder :differential pressure transmitter,Yokogawa Sichuan

8.liquid level control of material cylinder:foam gauge

9.pressure control of main cylinder:pressure transmitter

10.temperature control:computer

11.security system:multiple safety interlocks

12.heat exchanger:external heat exchanger

13.material adding system:quantitative adding,cyclic adding,direct adding can be choosed according to technological design

14.circulating system:computer


heating valve:phenumatic disphragm valve.

inlet valve and draw off valve:stainless steel pneumatic ball valve,

other valve:Y type valve

16.dying method:air cushion type.cylinder open cover,heavy hammer assists.

17.surface treatments :inside cylinder is polished and passivation,outside is sandblasting.

18.creel:one set includes self-locking lock,stainless steel bottom dish.

19.material of dying machine:SUS316L for main cylinder,SUS304 for creel

20.bath ratio of dying machine:approx.1:5

21.material melting system :equipped with automatic control blender,automatic cleaning,automatic spray,back flow adding material and material melting device.


TR series dewatewing machine

The purpose and composition of the product:

This equipment is used for dehydrating bleached gauze for medical gauze, reducing moisture content of gauze and improving drying efficiency.

The equipment consists of the base, water vapor separator, vacuum pump, frequency control cabinet.



SH-120 Gauze drying machine

The purpose and composition of the product:


This equipment is used for drying and winding bleached gauze.


The equipment consists of unwinding A-coil, cloth feeding rack, washing tank, rolling car, drying unit, winder and electrical control unit

Medical gauze bleaching line all neccessary equipment as the picture.