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high speed air jet loom textile weaving machine


Main configuration:

Reed Width:190cm-360cm

Shedding :crank/cam/dobby/jacquard

Electronic feeder:1/2/3/4/5/6 color

warp beam:single/double

let-off & take-up:electronic

Product Description

air jet loom advantages:

save power consumption,reduce the air consumption

we use energy-saving nozzle & reed

WBS efficient application

Efficient air route design

Stable air saving method

high speed,running stably

Canonical material standard

Stable machine,working center move down

Optimal transmission ratio design

Crank type balanced beating,to make sure the beating strength,and reduce shake.


Weaving Scope

short yarnNe7/1-Ne80/1cotton fabriccolor grid cloth,bed sheet cloth,shirt cloth...
filament15D-1100Dpolyster fabric,royan fabric,nylon fabriclining cloth,wowen's fabric,curtain fabric...

Main Configuration/Specification of air jet loom

Item NameChoice 1(high standard))Choice 2(standard)
Cam/DobbyStaubli-OriginalNiupai-Made in China
Electronic JacquardCustomer appointNiupai-Made In China
Electronic feederROJ-OriginalJinlihua-Made in China
Heald frameNew Light-Made in JapanJinlihua-Made in China
Electronic applianceCustomer appointBaina-Made in China
Let-off & take-up servo motorCustomer appointBaina-Made in China
Main nozzle,sub-nozzleJiete-Swizerland(energy-save)
Electromagnetic valveSMC,Japan
Bearing in gear boxNSK,Nachi,Japan
Oil sealNOK,Japan
Reed E-type(engergy-save)