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textile cotton yarn warping machine for weaving machine


JLH886 warping machine,Working width 210cm  230cm 280cm 340cm 

Speed <150m per minitue.

It can service for 50-70 sets of JLH9100 or JLH425 air jet loom

This type warping machine can make good tension beam,

which can increase the weaving efficiency.

Product Description

Medical gauze warping machine for sale

Direct warping machine

Machine head   

Dia. of Warp Beam Flange:≤800mm

Winding Width:2100,2300,2800,3400mmthe length of press roller:1860mm

Warping Speed:≤150m/min

Beam direct driving, frequency conversion motor to realize warping speed step-less setting and constant linear Speed;

press roller and Beam double counting lengths, High Precision

Pneumatics Warp-Beam mounting and doffing ;

Warping Motor:11.5,15,18,21 KW(different working width)

W type adjustable reed, Electric control density and wagging;

Equipped with multi-function interface panel, easy to operate


Warp Creel Type, V Shape   turning-over style, outside guide yarn

No.s of Ends :2208-3200Ends(up to customer demand)

Pitch of Spindles :Up-down 260mm×Front-back 260mm

No.s of Layer:8 Layer

Fitted with 2 upright Colum Tensor

Yarn Bobbins as parallel alignment

Infrared photoelectric Warp stop motion,