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air jet loom textile weaving machine


  1. latest model air jet loom to make cotton or polyester fabric

  2. max.speed 1100R.P.M

  3. save air compressor,energy saving profile reed,sub-nozzle,air root.

  4. reseanable price with excellent technique

  5. fabric weaving machine in high quality and high speed

  6. Tsudkoma ZAX9100 model 

Product Description

air-jet weaving textile machine for fabric woven China

1.save power consumption,reduce the air consumption
1)we use energy-saving nozzle & reed
2)WBS efficient application
3)Efficient air route design
4)Stable air saving method

2.high speed,running stably
1)Canonical material standard
2)Stable machine,working center move down
3)Optimal transmission ratio design
4)Crank type balanced beating,to make sure the beating strength,and reduce shake.


main specification

Working width190cm,210cm,230cm,280cm,340cm,360cm
Let-off & take-upElectronic
cloth rollerwind in or wind out
edgeleno selvedge or tuck-in device
speed600-1100 R.P.M